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Skeptics of  chiropractic care for children should be notified immediately that “The Safety and Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic:  A survey of Chiropractors and Parents in a Practice Based Research Network,” has been published in Explore. PBRN assessed pediatric chiropractic by surveying chiropractors and parents of pediatric patients (18 years of age and younger), revealing high overall satisfaction and near-nonexistant complications and adverse events.

According to the study, “wellness care” was the primary reason indicated for care.  For condition-based presentations, musculoskeletal conditions were the most common presentations seen, and Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson and Activator were the most common techniques utilized.

In terms of safety, no treatment-associated complications were indicated by chiropractic or parent responders, and chiropractors indicated only three adverse events in 5,438 office vists involving treatment of 577 children.  Parents indicated two adverse events from 1,735 office visits involving 239 children.

With regard to effectiveness, both chiropractors and parents indicated high rates of improvement following chiropractic care to treat the children’s presenting complaints, as well as “salutary effects unrelated to the children’s initial clinical presentation.”

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