Chiropractic Care Can Aid Conception

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A study authored by Dr. Madeline Behrendt, Chairwoman of the World Chiropractic Alliance Council on Women’s health, links chiropractic care and the ability of previously infertile women to conceive a baby and carry the fetus to full term.

Behrendt’s work, entitled: “Insult, Interference and Fertility”.  An overview of Chiropractic research, was published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research.  The study tracked 15 women, ages 22-65, who had a history of fertility problems,  some for as long as nine years.  Eight of the women had previously undergone unsuccessful fertility treatments.

These 15 women entered chiropractic care. “Each was determined to close the gap between how her body was designed to function and the reality of how her body was functioning,” stated Dr. Behrendt.

The results were incredible.

14 of the 15 women became pregnant following the start of chiropractic adjustments.  The 65 year old women  ceased having a menstrual cycle at age 18 following a traumatic fall.  Then, nearly a decade later and a little more than a month after starting chiropractic care her cycles returned.  Although she did not get pregnant, she was advised to use birth control.

“Some of the case studies are remarkable” noted Dr. Behrendt.

Dr. Behrendt, pointed to a 32 year old women described in the study.  “She had no menstrual cycle for 12 years.  She had attempted multiple fertility treatments with no success.  After two months of chiropractic care with attention to the lumbar regions,menstruation started.  And, after four cycles, unassisted pregnancy occurred”.  I’m not saying that chiropractic is a specific cure for fertility, but I will point to the concept that interference with your nervous system can disrupt normal body functions, she continued.

Also detailed was the plight of a 25 year old women who suffered from severe scoliosis with a Cobb’s angle of 68 degrees.  She to was infertile despite numerous medical treatments to assist conception.  “After six months of chiropractic care with adjustments applied to the sacrum, lumbar and cervical regions, the Cobb’s angle decreased by 47 degrees.  One month later, unassisted pregnancy occurred.

Cobb’s Angle is used to measure the degree angle of the Scoliosis.

The study offers hope to infertile women and an alternative to fertility drugs.  There are 40,000 births in the US each year that are achieved using assisted reproductive technologies.  But, then there are yet to be studies as to the long term effects of these drugs nor has there been a uniform tracking of birth defects among the children conceived using these methods.

“The study also defines the chiropractic profession.  Chiropractic in itself is not a cure for what ails you, but a means of allowing the body to operate as it was designed.  And, when operating at peak efficiency, the human body can do great things.  When you cut your self, you heal.  When the climate changes, your body adjusts.  In short, chiropractic care is a great vehicle to improve our general health and function.”

Dr. Behrendt’s research is wonderful news for couples trying to start a family.  It also serves as further evidence that regular spinal adjustments can have benefits far beyond those that the public normally associates with chiropractic care.

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