Chiropractic Research Facts About Life Expectancy

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Life Expectancy Facts:

Projected World Population Will Change from 2005 to  2040

  • All ages will increase to 35%. People 100 years or older will increase by 746% according to the US Census Bureau.
  • More than half of all the babies born since 2000 can expect to live to 100.  The Lancet BMJ.
  • Thirty percent of aging is based on genetics.  70% is attributed to lifestyle choices.  McArther Foundation.
  • Your oldest relative lived to 75.  You have their genes.
  • Adjust your lifestyle today and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

Nervous System Facts:

Your Brain:

  • Has more than a billion neurons.
  • Stores more than 100 trillion bits of information.
  • Regenerates constantly and can renew its cells, even in adulthood.
  • Communicates via the spinal cord to every cell so your  body through 45 miles of nerves.
  • Nerves relay over 3 million messages every second between your brain and every cell in your body at speeds up to 170 m.p.h.

Regeneration is possible with Chiropractic.

Spinal Injury Research Facts:

  • 8-10 mm of pressure, the wieght of a dime, can reduce spinal nerve transmission.  CU.
  • 10 mm of pressure can interfere with the nutrition of a nerve, starving it of nutrients. JMPT.
  • Nerve compression can exist without pain. -Spine.
  • Stretching a nerve 6% can decrease the strength of its impulse by 70%.
  • After two weeks of immobilization scar tissue can appear in the bone. – T Videman, M.D.

How Spinal Subluxations Happen.

The birth process – Learning to walk- Childhood play, growth spurts.- Body weight changes- Physical, Chemical and Mental Stress  -Intense emotional experience – Auto accidents, work injuries- Environmental toxicity, food poisoning -sports injuries, intensive training -Hormonal changes – Poor posture, excess sitting – trips and falls – Sickness or disease.


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