Crash Victim Responds To Chiropractic Care

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A Canadian doctor has authored a study detailing the positive impact that chiropractic care has had on those suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  The article-published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research highlights the incredible recovery of a 55 year old woman with a severe brain injury caused in a horrific car accident.  What makes the case even more remarkable is the fact that the noticeable strides in the healing process began nine years after a half ton truck had plowed into her parked car and only after chiropractic care was initiated.

A TBI occurs when an external force causes damage to the head by inducing motion of the brain within the skull. TBI’s are divided into two sub-categories: primary and secondary.  The primary injury occurs at the point of the trauma while secondary injuries occur after trauma and produce effects that continue for long periods of time.

“There are physical, biochemical and emotional stresses associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries,” note researcher Dr. Andrea Ryan from her Barrie, Ontario practice.  “Since one of the aims of chiropractic care is to reduce these stresses and find a balance in a person’s life, it has proven to be a vital component to the healing process of anyone afflicted with a TBI,” she added.

In 1910, D.D. Palmer – the founder of Chiropractic- stated that if the spinal column is free of interference that compromises neural integrity, then the human body is able to adapt to its inner and outer environment to the best of its ability.”  Dr. Ryan’s work really illustrates this  long held chiropractic principle.

And, there is no greater example than Dr. Ryan’s star patient.

Nine years after her debilitating accident, the aforementioned 55 year old woman came to Dr Ryan still suffering from significant neurological and neuromuscular symptoms including disturbed vision, dizziness when bending over or standing to quickly, and pain throughout much of her  body.  She was forced to walk with a cane or walker.  Her quality of life deteriorated to the point where depression set in and she attempted suicide.

Dr. Ryan was able to identify and monitor nerve interference through the use of chiropracitc technologies called surface electromyography and thermal scanning.  These technologies have proven invaluable to the likes of NASA and professional sports teams who seek to maximize the physical capabilities of their employees.  Today they are benefitting those in the general public.

Dr. Ryan’s course of care included chiropractic adjustments twice a week.  Within a month, the woman’s dizziness had decreased dramatically.  After seven months, the patient reported spectacular health improvements including no dizzziness and increased muscle strength in her shoulders, arms and legs -all while living pain free.  She became more stable and comfortable while walking (although she still used a cane).  Her quality of life improved to the point where she could accomplish numerous daily activities – and depression was a thing of the past.

Dr. Ryan’s work offers hope to those afflicted with Traumatic Brain Injuries, And, the case of the accident victim is a vived account that underscores the value of her research.  But, it is important to note that chiropractic care did not cure anything that ailed the woman involved.  The adjustments she received decreased or eliminated nerve interference which in turn allowed her body to adapt and function as it was intended-which is exactly the premise that D.D. Plamer defined nearly a century ago.

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