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NRC Therapy in Springfield

Neurological Relief Center

NRC Technique in Springfield: Neurologic Relief Center Technique has been providing relief to those who suffer from neurological symptoms. Our non-invasive, hands-on methods have been helping thousands of people find relief. This advanced approach to care can help you feel revitalized and can decrease pain. See for more information.

Agitated Nerves

When your nerves are irritated you may experience many symptoms because nerves control every function of your body. Relief of this irritation can lead to reduced symptoms, such pain in certain areas of the spine or neck or numbness in the hands and feet. This can be a debilitating daily struggle and at Pine Chiropractic Associates, we want to work with you and your specific conditions to treat and monitor your ailments.

Technique Testing

At Pine Chiropractic Associates, a test will be performed to see how you respond to the NRC Technique. Many people respond to the test with a percentage of their symptoms relieved for minutes or days. This is important to see and monitor to see if this noninvasive treatment is the correct route for you.

The technique was designed to address the meninges and cerebrospinal fluid. The meninges is the three-membrane protective sheath of the spinal cord and brain that can become distressed when compressed. This can be caused by accidents, trauma and stress.

The NRC technique helps with the release of the cerebrospinal fluid at the base of the brain which aides in relieving symptoms.

Relieve Symptoms

Meninges compression creates myriad symptoms, one common one being fibromyalgia.  Others are reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), brachial neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, irritable bowel syndrome, restless leg syndrome, unexplained diffuse pain, depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and many more. Visit Pine Chiropractic Associates today to see how we can relieve your symptoms utilizing this unique therapy!


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