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Chiropractic Adjustments

Our staff prides itself on providing advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, natural and effective procedure offered at our office in Springfield, New Jersey to correct subluxations in the spine and give your body the ability to heal itself.
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NRC Technique

The Neuroligic Relief Centers Technique is a non-invasive, hands-on method requiring specialized training that helps irritated nerves. At our Springfield office, we offer this unique treatment option. If you have an injury, pinched nerve or discomfort, this therapy is a great route to help overactive nerves to become subdued.

NRC Therapy in Springfield

SHINE Program

Does you or your loved one suffer from ADHD? There are natural ways to alleviate the symptoms of this genetic trait. This specialized program that requires doctors to be certified in these techniques, combines ADHD expertise, chiropractic care, neurological assessments and nutritional counseling.

SHINE Therapy in Springfield

Creating Wellness Center

Our new state of the art facility will focus on comprehensive wellness and can implement a program that works for your health goals. Every person is different and requires different treatment plans and options. At the Creating Wellness Center in Springfield, NJ, the doctors will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you!

Wellness Center in Springfield

Additional Chiropractic and Wellness Services


Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional guidance and learning about vitamins are essential for long term health goals, increasing energy, improving sleep and boosting immunity.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustments can help ensure a comfortable pregnancy by adjusting the spine to increase range of motion and improve function.

Cox Technic Therapy

Cox Technic Therapy requires a certification and table for flexion-distraction as well as decompression adjustments and manipulations.

Weight Loss

Receive a customized program at the Creating Wellness Center in order to reach all of your weight loss goals and to promote and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Special exercises at Pine Chiropractic will assist the body to strengthen, heal and correct various irregularities that may cause pain.

Chronic Headaches

Alleviate chronic, migraine and tension headaches naturally without the harmful side effects of medication through chiropractic care.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Receiving chiropractic care at a young age can help ensure the proper spinal development in children and promotes a healthy immune system.

Applied Kinesiology

AK evaluates the chemical, mental and structural aspects of the patients health to treat the underlying causes of illness.


Receive customized supplement plans with Dr. Michael Pine and Dr. Frederick Pine to lose weight, increase energy, and boost immunity.

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